“Slutwalk is a protest, a rally and a demonstration of frustration and anger. We are protesting victims of sexual violence for the violence perpetrated against them. No one is responsible for the for violence perpetrated against them, no matter what they wear, who they are associated with or who they are.”

“Slutwalk is a world wide protest movement which is aimed simply at the idea that woman should not be told how not to get raped but men told not to rape. It attacks the practice of victim blaming, the bizarre thought that the victim is somehow to be blamed for being raped.”


The Slutwalks originated in Canada in January this year when a representative of the Toronto police told a group of students that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. A furore ensued, followed quickly by a protest march and the message of that march reverberated so that there have now been Slutwalks in over 70 cities around the world.


On Saturday, 28 September 2013, Slutwalk is coming to the streets of Johannesburg for the third time.

Venue: Zoo Lake Sports Club

Time : 10:00


We, the organizers of Slutwalk Johannesburg see Slutwalk as an international ovement which can help us raise awareness around a number of sexual assault issues; victim-blaming, corrective rape, gender violence, questioning the acceptance of a “rape culture” which has become the norm in our country.

We are trying to spread the message that you don’t need to identify as a slut to be part of Slutwalk. If you’re human and believe that nobody, despite their age, sex, gender, sexual orientation or sexual history deserves to be raped, then come support Slutwalk and spread the word.

The use of the word Slut

“If you want to change the world, the philosopher Foucault suggests, you need to change the way things are known, how this knowledge circulates through society, and the disciplining measures it induces:

In the case of SlutWalk, the discourses that are being challenged are all too prevalent and yet never fully disclosed.

These are the suggestions that:

  • Men cannot marshal their desires when confronted with a provocatively dressed woman.
  • That women who dress provocatively are self-degrading or welcoming of any sexual advance,
  • That rape victims are thus somewhat responsible or deserving of their own rape because of their poor discipline or deviant sexuality.

The use of the word slut has turned out to be extremely powerful because it challenges much of societal norms, its a word of liberation to many, to many others it represents feminism to others the word is deeply uncomfortable.

What is for certain is that it can not be ignored and that is its strength – it is forcing discussion and has since the first march in April 2011 represents one of the most successful rape awareness campaigns ever.

Alignment with South African government policy

We believe that the objectives of Slutwalk will do much to reinforce the goals of the governments approach to gender and child violence and in particular the section of the constitution that refers to the freedom and security of the person including that everyone has the right to “bodily and psychological integrity” and furthers the aims of the THE KOPANONG DECLARATION which amongst other things:

  • Encourages men and women to to work together to eliminate patriarchy.
  • Eliminate secondary victimisation.
  • Provide effective support to help and empower survivors of gender violence

Slutwalk is absolutely aligned with these goals.”



Organising committee

Gina Jacobson,

Walter Pike,

Karmilla “Kamy” Pillay-Siokas,

Fiona Krisch,

Sarah Britten,

Lungile Duba



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Linked to Slutwalk JHB is , a site with resource links and a place where survivors can break the silence, anonymously or otherwise.

For more info: Please contact

Walter Pike

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