Slutwalk Shoes

SLUTWALK JHB is running a Mixit competition and is happy to announce that Foot Fashion SA has agreed to sponsor a shoe similar to the one in the Slutwalk logo, as a prize.

Foot Fashion SA will also be selling these shoes and some fabulous red high-top sneakers to Slutwalk supporters at a 10% discount, provided the shoes are picked up at the march. It is also donating 10% of all Slutwalk Shoe sales to Slutwalk Johannesburg to help us defray costs. Go to Slutwalk JHB and click on the Slutwalk Shoes page for more info. Get yourself a deal on some awesome red shoes and help us pay the bills in the process.

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”, and this is why Slutwalk JHB has partnered with Foot Fashion South Africa to bring you the ‘ICONIC’ SLUTWALK JHB RED SHOE – a shoe that stands as a symbol of support for survivors and defiance against the idea that there is ever an excuse for rape.

The JHB SLUTWALK ICONIC HEEL is available from size 2-13 at a discounted price of R499,50

Slutwalk is for any gender-identification, any age, singles, couples, parents, sisters, brothers, children, and friends. This is why we are including the JHB SLUTWALK ICONIC FLAT available from size 3 – 12 at a discounted price of R801,00

Come walk or roll or strut or holler or stomp with us as we unite in our  cause. We will flood the streets with a river of our red shoes, making a unified statement about sexual assault and victims’ rights and to demand respect for all.
To order the JHB SLUTWALK ICONIC HEEL or JHB SLUTWALK ICONIC FLAT please visit – or Foot Fashion Facebook Online Store